4. Company set up, Customer set up, and Vendor set up

Upon purchasing an accounting software, there is some basic information that must be entered. The relevant information required may vary but they will include the details of the company as shown below:


·         Company Name;

·         Company Financial beginning date;

·         Company UEN No;

·         Company Financial end date;

·         Company GST No:

·         Company default currency;

·         Company address;

·         GST rate set up;

·         Company logo;

·         Type of Industry;


After creating the company profile, you must create the various customer and vendor profiles in the software. If you are starting a brand-new company, you will not have any customers or suppliers yet. However, if you are migrating from old software to new software you will have to input the customer and supplier fields. Information you need to input includes the following:

For the customer:

  • Customer Name;
  • Customer Address;
  • Customer UEN No;
  • Customer GST No;
  • Customer Credit Terms/limit;
  • Customer default currency (applicable for multi-currency accounting software);


For the vendor:

  • Vendor Name;
  • Vendor Address;
  • Vendor UEN No;
  • Vendor GST No;
  • Vendor Credit Terms/limit;
  • Vendor default currency (applicable for multi-currency accounting software);


Most accounting software allows you to download the profiles using excel templates.


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